Don't Unleash the Beast



The Professor: Pete Firman


Tiny House Productions and CPL Productions for CITV, 2 November 2020 to 3 December 2021 (26 episodes in 2 series)


Jungle Run, with enough format points changed to satisfy the lawyers. An ITV press release said:

Brand new immersive game show Don't Unleash the Beast will take young viewers into a mythological world on a quest for ancient lost treasure on CITV this autumn.
Set in the underground world of Halian, a team of three intrepid Treasure Seekers undergo a series of challenges to find the precious treasure. One tiny snag…it is guarded by a ferocious and foul Beast, meaning one wrong move and all its might will be unleashed.
In each episode, one group of three brave souls must complete the tasks, fend off the Beast and find three precious ancient artefacts. Succeed and they are rewarded with a fabulous prize. Fail and they’ll become Beast fodder!  
Guided from afar by the Professor, played by comedian and magician Pete Firman, who is the leading expert in all things Halian, the team of three set about meeting a combination of physical, mental, skill-based team challenges on their treasure hunt. 
They must work together, support each other, keep cool under pressure, use team-strengths wisely and throw themselves into the tasks like nothing they’ve ever done before.

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Aired Monday to Thursdays only, as CITV airs films on Fridays; the last new episode premiered on Monday.

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