Driving Wars



Colin Murray


Abi Griffiths


Blink Films for Dave, 19 October to 6 December 2011 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Two teams compete to guide cars around a course featuring various hazards. The twist is each team sits in a stationary Jaguar XJ6, with the every movement of the steering wheel, and every press on the pedals being relayed by remote control to the car they are guiding around the course. With the help of compressed air pistons, the signals received from the teams are converted into movements on the course. High definition video from the cars is fed back to the Jaguars so the teams know what is happening, as they attempt to be the first to complete the course, and be declared the winners.

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Key moments

Murray's incredible suggestion that one contestant should "poo, or get off the pot". Lovely…


Dave's first in-house game show to be broadcast in high definition.

The last 3 episodes were moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays.

Dave were still wheeling this out as late as July 2023, by which time Murray had taken over Countdown, meaning it was possible to change the channel to Channel 4+1 and see him suddenly age by about eleven and a half years.

Maria Costello was a contestant on the second episode.

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