Eye Spy



Christopher Rowe (1990)

Julian Parkin (1991)


BBC1, 9 March 1990 to 3 May 1991 (26 episodes in 2 series)


In Eye Spy, two teams of kids went through a fictional spy training academy and whichever team turned out to be the best went through to the final mission where they'd save the world and get paid in board games.

What this boiled down to really was traditional quiz and game rounds (crack the code, deduce which of the guests are bluffing, remembering what you saw on tape etc.) given a spy style twist, and the rounds would sort of be interconnected via some sort of loose story.

In the Final Mission, the winning team would have three minutes to open the safe. To get the numbers to the safe, they'd have to answer a question based on things that had happened throughout the programme. Then one of the pair would select one of ten phone booths to enter. If they'd answered the question incorrectly, they'd get gunged and they'd have to answer another question. If no gunge was dropped, then the pair of them can get on and 'do' a secret agent-type thing in order to earn one of the numbers to the safe (drive a buggy through a "swamp", destroy something with a "missile launcher", cut wires to defuse "bombs", save their teacher from the "rock-crushing machine", that sort of thing). Four numbers earned the prizes.

Theme music

Martin Cook


This was a spin-off from Spytrap.


The very last episode.


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