Famous People, Famous Places



William G. Stewart


Voiceover: Not known


Regent Productions for Thames (regional), 7 to 17 December 1992 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Only eight shows where made of this, presumably as a pilot fortnight for a full series that was never commissioned. Indeed, by the time the series finished, Thames Television only had a fortnight left on air. The programme was made by Regent Productions of Fifteen-to-One fame with a very similar set, podia, contestants and identical host.

Everyone started with 100 points, and questions had the value of 5, 3 and 1 as more information was given by William G. Round One saw each of the five players get a chance at two questions in turn. As soon as an opponent thought they knew the answer, they could press a silent buzzer and register at 5, 3 or 1 point. Registrations came up at the top of the screen in order. If the contestant failed to answer at any level the opportunity to score passed to the registered contestants in turn. Wrong answers at any level throughout the game saw a deduction of the same value of points.

All further rounds, including the second half pick-a-category board and picture board, gave the correctly-answering contestant the opportunity to remove the same number of points as they had scored from a rival. Thus a 5-point answer would gain 10 points overall. The 5-point question usually involved identifying someone (or, occasionally, somewhere) from the photograph only. This was either a chance to pick on a high-scoring rival, or to tread on someone already with lower points. The latter was useful because, before the commercial break, the lowest scoring contestant in each of two consecutive rounds was eliminated from the show.

Simple fun to watch, but, at times, as ruthless in play as Fifteen-to-One. Needless to say Eggheads member Kevin Ashman won his edition with some ease!


There were no prizes, just the honour of winning each individual game.

The "..." at the end of the title was supposed to indicate that things other than people and places could appear on the show, although they rarely strayed from that principle.


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