Football's Next Star



Voiceover: Seb Fontaine


Mentor: Jamie Redknapp

Coaches: Marco Monti and Paolo Migliavacca


Initial for Sky 1, 3 January to 14 February 2010 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Jamie Redknapp and a judging panel conduct nationwide trials for talented 16-18 year-old footballers. After whittling the field down to just 40, further trials are held to reduce this number by half, and then by half again in order to find the 10 young hopefuls who will travel to Italy. Once there, the group under the tutelage of Inter Milan coaches Marco Monti and Paolo Migliavacca, undergo a series of trails, and play in a number of football matches. Each week, certain players (usually two) are put into the danger zone. Following a final chance to shine, and after further deliberation, one or more players are sent home each week. The last player remaining at the end of the series wins a one year contract with Inter Milan.


Ben Greenhalgh


The second and third placed finalists also went on to sign professional contracts. Second placed Conor Smith signed for Watford FC, while third placed Craig Walsh signed with Shamrock Rovers.

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