Gêm Gartre'



Owain Gwynedd


Tinopolis for S4C, 5 June to 18 September 2020 (15 episodes in 2 series)


A fun sports quiz, pitting super fans against sports stars and other famous faces. The winner can bag £1000 for a charity of their choice.

Owain Gwynnedd, in the studio.

Each week, three players join Owain Gwynnedd for the show. While Owain is in the studio, the players remains safely at home. Yes, this is a show produced during the pandemic of 2020, and it respected the physical distancing norms of the time.

In turn, the players introduced themselves, and took a minute of questions from Owain. As many guesses as you want, Owain will only move on if you say "pass", which translates as "pass".

There's a clip of actual sports action, and Owain will ask three observation questions on what we've seen. To avoid cheating, our players write down their answer on a pad of paper.

Our players, safe at home.

After the break, Owain puts forward a specialist subject. How many questions can you get right in a row? Players bid - the current leader bids first. The highest bidder plays for that many points, with points split between the other players if they fail.

The leader after this round takes on the final, ten questions in 90 seconds, £50 for each right answer, doubled to £1000 if the winner gets the lot. The money is donated to charity.

Gem Gartre' was entertaining and fun, if a little slow-paced - the inevitable delays from internet connections drained any urgency from the show. They didn't make much of the "fans versus stars" angle - once the show began, it was everyone for themself. We enjoyed the wide range of sports subjects, S4C proves it's not just rugby.

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