Charlie Baker


Talk Sport, 11 August 2019 to 17 May 2020 (40 episodes in 1 series)


"A celebrity quiz show to find the football club with the smartest fans."

Charlie and two celebrities spend 90 minutes talking about their favourite football team, and exchanging stories. Two other Talk Sport contributors are paired with the celebs.

The show is structured around a contest, with rounds including "My club's bigger than your club", which is self-explanatory. "Sporting Heretics" champions unpopular changes to sport, the contributors try to defend the barely-defensible.

"Back in the Day" presents a landmark moment from the team's history, and asks questions from that year. "A Question of Sport Time" takes questions from the public. The show finishes with "Injury time", which of these are real Brazilian football players and which are not?

Gloryhunters is primarily an excuse to talk about sport in general (and football in particular) for 90 minutes. It's a light entertainment, with a contest attached: Charlie awards "goals" (points) for correct answers or good contributions.

The series was initially structured as a knockout contest between celebrity fans. While this framing was (wisely) dropped within weeks, they did eventually hold a final: Hibernians beat Manchester United, a phrase not seen on the internet since 1952.

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