Going for a Song



Max Robertson (1965-77)

Michael Parkinson (1995-99)

Anne Robinson (2000)

Michael Aspel (2001-02)


Arthur Negus (1965-77)
Eric Knowles (1995-2002)

Team Captains:
Tony Slattery (1995-97)
Leslie Ash (1995)
Mariella Frostrup (1996-97)
Helen Lederer (1996)
Penelope Keith (1997-98)
Kit Hesketh-Harvey (1998-2000)
Penny Smith (1999-2000)
Dr Mark Porter (2001-02)
Rachel de Thame (2001-02)


BBC1 South (regional), 21 April 1965 (Pilot)

BBC Bristol for BBC1, 6 October 1965 to to 16 October 1977 (13 series)

Maverick Television and BBC Pebble Mill for BBC1, 29 August 1995 to 3 February 2002


Antiques guessing game that carried Arthur Negus to fame as the show's resident expert, and this was all in the days before Antiques Roadshow.

However, British law has changed since then and now all antiques game shows are obliged to include the word "Great" or "Going" in the title and feature Eric Knowles as an authority. (OK, except Bargain Hunt. We'll give you that.)

In the middle of the format, there was an "identify the mystery object" round. But the meat of the show was about discussing specific antiques. The teams of panellists took turns to identify the nature, materials, age etc. of the objects d'art, and most importantly take a stab at the value. The expert would then give a mini lecture about the piece before revealing the correct answers.


John King

Theme music

First movement from Respighi's suite Gli Uccelli (The Birds).

Web links

BBC programme page

Wikipedia entry

Opening titles from the BBC Motion Graphics Archive


Michael Parkinson, with the famous bird cage which featured in the opening titles of both versions of the programme.


The very first episode of the revival.


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