Sara Pascoe


John Kearns

Team captains: Alan Davies and Darren Harriott


Tuesday's Child for Comedy Central, 5 October 2020 to present


A panel show, where teams of celebrities try to guess things, and ultimately the connection between everything on the show.

Sara Pascoe is the host, Darren Harriot and Alan Davies the resident captains in teams of three. During the show, the teams play various rounds:

Who am I? One of the team stands behind a picture frame, and puts their head into pictures. The other two players describe the pictures so their companion can guess what's in the picture they're holding.

Alan Davies is in the picture

Worst Impressions Do an impression of the person or thing on the card.

Say It Properly, a rebus game, co-host John Kearns presents boards with some objects. The aim, simply and literally, is to say what you see.

Guesstimation Unkown Predict what happened when John tried to do a stunt.

Muted. One player on each team mouths words, while the others try to lip-read.

Sara Pascoe hosts the show.

What You Porking About? A test of improvisation skills. Each player on one team has a large cardboard box. Two of the boxes are empty, one of them has something in it. Each player describes the item in their box, and answers questions about it. Can the opposition guess which box has something in it?

Signature Style asks our players to copy a celebrity's signature after seeing it for just a few seconds.

John Kearns guards the mystery box.

John Kearns has his Mystery Box, the unifying point of the show. Inside it is a picture of a famous person. There's a link between each and every answer on this show. All answers are somehow linked to the famous person in the box. This is the idea to keep us watching through the show, there's a structure and a logic to everything they're doing. Whichever team guesses who's in the box wins the show: when neither gets it, victory goes to whichever team won the more rounds.

Guessable knows it is a bunch of people larking about, lighthearted fun and nothing more. All of the parlour games are brisk and eminently clippable. None of the games are original, the fun comes from playing along - or chortling at other people's gentle discomfort.


Developed by James Donkin and Jenny Springett.

Theme music

Title music by Richard Lewis.


Sam Morrison was the art director: the dimly-lit attic set, with lots of cardboard boxes, is certainly distinctive.

The first episode, and only the first episode, was repeated on Channel 5 four days later. Almost as if Viacom are trying to tempt future Comedy Central customers.

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