Hider in the House



"JK and Joel" (DJs Jason King and Joel Ross)


2008: Kate Edmondson


CBBC for BBC Two, 17 February 2007 to 1 June 2008 (42 episodes in 2 series)


Kids have to hide a "celebrity" in their home for 48 hours without their parents finding out, and complete challenges along the way - e.g. throwing spaghetti at Anna Ryder Richardson off Changing Rooms. To help, the parent being spoofed is under the impression they're filming a different, completely made-up show.

Quite good fun and nicely done, although the nature of the challenges makes it an idea better suited to a 30 minute rather than a 60 minute slot we reckon.

Series two was very marginally different: one parent was in on the gag, but the other was not. Challenge seven was designed to bring the celebrity and the stooge parent together in a big reveal, with challenge eight being the Finders Keepers rush-around-the-house-to-find-hidden-items-and-the-hidden-celeb revival we've all been crying out for. (Well, one or two of us.)

Undoubtedly the most pro-"tidying up after yourself so that you don't get busted by your folks" game show that there has yet been. Surely Baron Reith would have approved?

Key moments

Parent almost notices the celebrity hiding.

Very occasionally, the celebrity did get busted by the target as a result of mishap leading to unconvincing concealment. Eek! No prize won for that game, back-edit to include some slightly longer cuts of the earlier games, skip to the last challenge for the big set-piece finale and away you go!

In series two, the target had to "press the pedal to release the prizes" - and, incredibly, simultaneously gunge themselves. Larks!


"Suck the sock!"


The made-up cover shows were Our House in series 1 and Big Kidz in series 2.

It won the 2008 Golden Rose in the category of Entertainment show.

Kate Edmondson is Matt Edmondson's sister.

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