Hit the Limit



Pete Murray (1956)

Jerry Desmonde (1956)

Leslie Sands (1957)


Not known


ATV Network for ITV, 20 February 1956 to 1957 (initially Midlands only; networked from April 1956)


With the so-obvious-it-hurts subtitle of "Well, can you?", this was billed thus: "Fun and fortune await lucky contestants in this happy-go-lucky half-hour." More precisely, the show was a quiz with a dartboard involved - think Bullseye but more cheap and less cheerful.

How bad was it? Well, according to Pete Murray's autobiography, producer Reg Watson's first words to him were "I can't explain the rules to you" and Murray claims he never did understand how the game was supposed to work. What's more, filming locations ranged from ATV's Television Theatre, Aston (good choice) to the positively exotic staff canteen of the Standard Motor Company, Coventry (oh dear).


John P. Wynn


Subsequent programmes came from the canteens of English Electric, Stafford; ICI, Fleetwood; and the North Gas Board, Preston. We are not making this up.

Seems to be the first original game show developed for the ITV network, previous formats having been poached from the BBC, Radio Luxembourg or indeed from America. Possibly not worth the bother, though.


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