Home Truths (1)



Steve Wright


BBC1, 21 January to 25 March 1994 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Minor celebrities (on one episode Lulu, Michael Praed, and Austin Mitchell) are gently quizzed to reveal minor skeletons in their closets.

In the first round, each celeb is introduced with a film containing five fascinating facts about the guests. But - lorks! - two of the statements are not true. The other two celebs can pick up points by pointing out the porkies.

Next, we look at some of the highlights and lowlights of each celeb's career. Steve asks them follow-up questions for additional points.

Finally, each celeb gets a one-minute specialist subject round of their own choosing. For no apparent reason.

With the experienced Wrighty at the helm, it's an affable enough half hour. But even he can't mask the fact that the format's paper-thin.

Key moments

In an outtake that wasn't shown: Kriss Akabusi falls off his chair after getting the first question wrong in the specialist subject round.


By arrangement with Atticus Television Ltd.

Theme music

A cover of 'Fiesta' by The Pogues, arranged by Philip Pope.

Web links

Opening titles from the BBC Motion Graphics Archive


An episode featuring Rick Wakeman, Liz Smith and Bob Holness.

See also

Weaver's Week review as part of Steve Wright's obituary.


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