Hot Property (1)



Tris Payne (original format)

Alice Beer (game show format)


World of Wonder for Channel 5, 5 November 2001 to 11 July 2003 (32 episodes in 3 series)


This show is quite interesting, because not only did it change its host but it changed genre entirely. You see, in its first series it wasn't a game show at all - merely one of those dull "let's look around some houses" shows. But, to spice things up, for series two it was turned into the game show it now is whereby Alice Beer invites a couple of new home buyers to watch videos of three houses whilst an expert gives hints as to what to look out for.

File:Hot property alicebeer1.jpgThat's one big question card.

The contestants pick the house they like the best and they have the time it takes for the Hot Property car to go from the central location to get to that house to decide on what they think the price is by starting on a range and narrowing it down as they think about the mod cons in the house. Now if the price they've written down is within £1,000 either side (in later series: £500 either side) of the actual price then the keys are handed over to them straight away - the house is theirs.

File:Hot property beer.jpgFixtures and fittings not included.

We're not really fans of the lifestyle game genre but we'll make an exception for this one because it's quite warm and entertaining and humorous and stuff. Which is more than could be said for, for example, Raise the Roof. And it's lovely when they win.


Just to confuse matters further, even the 2001 series was itself a revival. An earlier version, hosted by Sandy Mitchell, ran on Channel 5 in 1997-8. And that wasn't a game show either.


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