House Guest



Joe Cornish (House Guest)
Nicholas Burns (House Guest in the Sun)


ITV Productions for ITV1, 19 May to 19 December 2008 (60 episodes in 2 series)

as House Guest in the Sun: ITV Studios for ITV1, 1 to 26 March 2010 (20 episodes in 1 series)


Five people are asked to cook dinner for each other, in this entirely novel show, completely unlike anything else on television. Wait. What? Come Dine with Me? Never heard of it.

Anyway, each episode sees one cook, along with their co-host (typically their spouse or partner) prepare an evening dinner for four total strangers. We see their preparations for the evening, before they welcome their guests to their home. The meal is served, and afterwards, the four guests score the food and hosting they have received that evening, both out of 10. At the end of the evening, three of the guests go home, however one stays over in the host's house, before being served breakfast the next morning. This guest then scores their stay in the host's house out of 10. All the scores are then tallied to give the host's final score. The above is repeated a further four times, over the following four days, allowing each participant a chance to host. At the end of the week, the host with the highest score wins £1000.

For no adequately explained reason, the programme was filmed in homes abroad belonging to British expats for its third series, under the title of, House Guest in the Sun, with the prize being €1000.


Working title: Be Our Guest.

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