Tim Vine


Kershaw Production Associates for BBC1, 16 October to 17 November 1995 (25 episodes in 1 series)


Parts of this were really quite good, actually. Three teams comprising of two housemates played games and quizzes inside a house whilst Tim Vine made excellent/godawful jokes.

What's more, they'd go into different rooms of the house and do something vaguely related to that room so in the kitchen they'd be questions about food, random food challenges and so forth. In the living room there would be questions about telly and bizarrely they'd be letter puzzles (with rather puny-sized letters) in the attic. Top marks for the remote control buzzer idea though - the players hit their remote control and magically their names would appear on the telly showing that they'd buzzed first. Nice.

There was an observation quiz involved too. The very clever end game of each show was Up The Garden Path where the players had to answer 10 questions on things that they'd seen in the house. They had a minute to win the big prize, which probably wasn't actually that big considering it was BBC1 morning replacing-Ross-King fare.

It only lasted one series and it wouldn't work on prime-time, but it was a nice enough idea that worked fine.

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