Josh Widdicombe


James Acaster


Hat Trick for UKTV, shown on Dave, 13 February 2019 to 6 July 2022 (32 episodes in 4 series)


Comedians, all familiar faces to the Dave audience, are invited in by Josh Widdicombe. Co-host James Acaster puts forward an unlikely situation. The comedian's task is to engage in flights of fantasy and improvise their way into a sensible answer.

In the first half of the show, two of the panel fly solo with answers to the idea. The other two do battle against each other. There's a pairs round, where the couples confer on their answer, and James Acaster lives out the hypothetical in real life. The final round features a guest celebrity, who has been asked about certain scenarios, and given an answer: the panel's task is to match them.

James and Josh.

How is this a game? James awards points on a completely arbitrary basis, based on his feelings about the answer, and a winning team is declared.

Hypothetical divided opinion: for every viewer who loved it, there was another who found it dull.


"CLIFF!" - shouted by James Acaster when addressing a stagehand of the same name.

Key moments

Bez randomly taking out his dentures in the middle of a "Wall of Celebrities" round. Put it away mate.

Mr. Blobby used his Wall of Celebrities round to *shock horror* actually give an intelligible answer. Jeremy Paxman would be proud.


Josh Widdicombe, Tom Craine, and Matthew Crosby; Craine and Crosby are also credited as "Writers", Widdicombe as "Executive Producer".


Derek Acorah made his final on-screen appearances on the show before his death in January 2020.

Title music

Sanjiv Sen, credited for "Music".

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