It's Beadle


Jeremy Beadle


LWT for ITV, 23 June to 11 August 1990 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Jeremy Beadle re-lives his Game for a Laugh days with this gameshow thing. During the autumn and winter we had practical jokes show Beadle's About and during the Summer we had It's Beadle. And then there was You've Probably Hurt Yourself a Bit On Tape But It's Alright Because We'll Give You £250 (a.k.a. You've Been Framed).

Anyway, back to It's Beadle. This was part game show, part magic show and part practical joke show. A set-up member of the public would normally play a game but without knowing the implications until the end.

For example, a contestant plays Find the Lady with three cupboards except that each one had a false back and there were actually a pair of twins messing about, leading to much hilarity. Beadle put put a giant sign up in front of where she was last so that the player could easily find out where she was but when he picked it again - she had disappeared! Of course, the trick wasn't pointed out until the end and I'm sure the bloke won himself a holiday or something for being the butt of the joke.

Another example might be that a member of the audience was picked out seemingly at random and then his wife talked to him through on the video wall. She was in Paris! And he wasn't. He was offered a trip to Paris but only if he was able to spell a word. Here's the catch - it was in Russian! And did he know Russian? Did he heck. But it's alright because we've flown in your Russian speaking boss! etc...

Do you get the idea? The modern incarnation of this japes show would be something like Would I Lie to You?.


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