Jigsaw (1)



Adrian Hedley (all series)

Janet Ellis (1979-83)


Character voices: John Leeson

David Cleveland and David Wyatt (Cid Sleuth section, 1979-81)

Chris Emmett (1980)

"The 'O' Men": Sylvester McCoy and David Rappaport (1980-84)

Wilf Lunn (1980-84)

Tommy Boyd (1981)

"Dot": Julia Binsted (1983-4)

Paul Shearer (1984)

Howard Stableford (final series, 1984)


BBC Bristol for BBC1, 16 July 1979 to 15 June 1984 (50 episodes in 6 series)


Viewer participation competition where the object each week to identify a six-letter word.

Janet Ellis and Adrian Hedley

Each letter would be identified via a sketch of some variety, which nearly always included some brilliant miming by host Adrian Hedley. At the end of the programme, Mr Noseybonk (a man - Hedley in disguise, of course - wearing a really quite scary mask with a very, very long nose and a pair of ill-fitting trousers) would run around a park or some such location, with some jaunty background-music, looking at different objects - the first letters of these prominent objects being the answer to the write-in competition.

Mr Noseybonk

In the early series there would be a sketch involving inept detective "Cid Sleuth", and other characters included the O-Men (Sylvester McCoy and David Rappaport), Biggum the Scottish giant - all you ever saw of him was his sandals - and Pterry the pterodactyl. After Janet Ellis left to join Blue Peter, Julia Binsted provided a replacement of sorts as "Dot", a character who changed from a silver dot on the screen into a human and could manipulate the visual elements of the show.

Jig (foreground) reveals the six-letter word

Reprised to an extent with See it, Saw it.


Devised by Clive Doig.

Theme music

The original theme music was a collaboration between Martin Cook and Richard Denton. The theme tune was changed in 1984 with Martin Cook composing on his own.

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