Zoe Lyons


Fizz and Nice One for BBC Two, 25 January 2021 to present


The BBC press office told us:

Lightning sees the traditional quiz show collide with game show, in a fast-paced and frantic format designed to leave contestants' nerves in tatters.
Six challengers battle it out across six adrenaline-pumping rounds while a ruthless spotlight patrols the studio eliminating contestants.
The challengers' motivation is simple: do whatever it takes to stay out of the light.
With dramatic lightning and a thundering soundtrack, Lightning will combine quick-fire questions with physical trials bringing a new pace and tone to the teatime quiz slot on BBC Two.
Zoe Lyons will preside, supporting contestants as they strive to reach the ultimate goal of £3000 prize money.


Filmed in Northern Ireland with support from Northern Ireland Screen.

Aired at 6.30, immediately after the sedate and charming and hugely popular House of Games (3) with Richard Osman.

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