Love Match UK


Brendan Courtney


Brighter Pictures for ITV1, 29 August 2003 to 2005


Late night game based on the speed-dating craze that swept glossy female magazines for about six months.

Men and women (although on occasion all men or all women) meet up in some sort of club and then pair up, spend three minutes in each other's company and then move on to another person. Each person has a number, and you text the central computer the numbers of the people you quite liked.

At the end of the dating session, the computer picks someone at random (or it might be the person who received the most votes, we can't remember) and also picks four other people. One of them will be a mutual attraction, the other three are bluffers. If by process of elimination they can work out which one of the four is their 'perfect match' then they win a holiday together. If one of the bluffers is picked, they win the holiday instead and can take who they want.


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