Make Me a Dealer



Paul Martin


BBC Studios for BBC One/Two, 5 November 2018 to 1 November 2019 (40 episodes in 2 series)

(Transferred to BBC Two for last 10 episodes - see Trivia below)


The BBC Press Office tell us:

Wannabe antique and collectible dealers are given the chance to learn the tricks of the trade. In each show two amateur enthusiasts compete against each other to buy anything that takes their fancy at auction. Then under the guidance of pro Paul Martin, the aim is to sell the items onto make a profit. There’s a lot at risk. Each contributor invests their own money so the stakes are high.
Throughout each show you will see and feel the competition between the contributors with video diaries - is their opponent doing better than them; how will they know how much to bid; will they make the profit or will their dreams be dashed?
Paul tells all at the very end of the show when he reveals the winner and crowns them Dealer Of The Day.

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The first series aired in the 4.30pm slot on BBC One. The second series originally aired on BBC One in the 3.45pm slot for the first 10 episodes from 7 to 18 October, but was moved to BBC Two in the 5.15pm slot for the last 10 episodes from 21 October to 1 November 2019.

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