Make My Day



Sara Cox (2002)

Edith Bowman (2003)


Monkey & Ska Films for Channel 4, 21 March 2002 to 21 February 2003 (14 episodes in 2 series)


Strangely-formatted, extended version of one of Noel's Gotchas but without the celebrity victim and using the same gag as Oblivious which had aired the year before.

A contestant was secretly filmed for an entire day, meaning we first see their waking-up routine (bed-hair, tatty PJ's and all...) via covert cameras, a la The Truman Show. Then, during the course of their waking/working day, five unusual things would happen to them - what the contestant didn't know was that these were in fact "moral dilemmas" challenges with a 'right' and 'wrong' outcome as detailed by the host. Some of these situations involved celebs, usually of the member-of-Blue calibre and often someone the victim/contestant idolises.

Sara Cox pops up on screen to outline the contestant (top left)'s dilemma: will she give up a romantic dinner with her partner (bottom left) to be in Keith Duffy's new video?

If the contestant completes more than three challenges 'correctly', they win the game, thus getting an extra treat or bonus prize. Finally, the host reveals all to the victim at the final location wherein all is revealed and some of the victim's more 'notable' (read: embarrassing) moments are replayed.

She chose the video... and that's wrong? Whatever you say, Coxy.

While the concept was fun, it was late in the day compared to similar formats floating around at the time, and the highly arbitrary nature of the moral dilemmas meant that it was hardly transparent and fair as a game mechanic.


Original idea by Netia Jones.


The programme won a Bronze Rose for Best Game Show at the 2002 Rose D'Or Festival.

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