Marathon Music Quiz



Mike Read (1982)

David Jensen (1983-4)

Mark Page (1985)


Team captains: Paul Gambaccini (all) and Martin Rushent (1982), Mike Read (1983-5)

1982: Steve Wright
1983: Mike Smith and Gary Davies
1984: Steve Wright and Gary Davies
1985: Steve Wright and Janice Long


BBC Radio 1, 9 April 1982 to 25 May 1985 (4 events)

1983 as The Great Rock'n'Roll Trivia Show


Annual charity quiz marathon. The first one was scheduled, in reference to the distance of a marathon, for "26 hours, 385 minutes" (i.e. 32 hours, 25 minutes), which would apparently have made it "the longest ever music quiz". The event was held at the Bloomsbury Collegiate Theatre in London, and Radio 1 dropped in throughout that time.

The 1983 event (from the Queen's Hotel Ballroom, Leeds) ran for a more manageable ten hours, and the last two (from the Solihull Conference Centre and The Watershed, Bristol respectively) for twelve hours each.

See also

Great Rock 'n' Roll Trivia Quiz, its more regular sister show.


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