Moon Clue Game



Brian Cant


BBC1, 3 July to 18 September 1968 (12 episodes in 1 series)


This children's department production saw two teams - a celebrity and a boy and a girl - join Brian Cant in a race through space to reach the moon. All the members of each team were born under the same astrological sign. From write-ups in the Radio Times, it appears that the programme was divided into five rounds, a mixture of general knowledge and sketches, with the team winning the more rounds winning the contest, and planting their flag on the moon.

Team captains on the programmes were: Ted Moult, Bernard Cribbins, Thora Hird, Michael Aspel, Jimmy Logan, Sheila Hancock, Jimmy Savile, Deryck Guyler, Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd, Roy Hudd, George Chisholm, Ray Alan, Wally Whyton, Kenneth Connor, Billy Boyle, John Junkin, Bunty James, Reg Varney, Stan Stennett, Billy Dainty, Bob Monkhouse, Leslie Crowther, and Brian Rix.

Theme music

Delia Derbyshire


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