Murder Weekend



Michael Aspel


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LWT / Mirageland for ITV, 18-20 August 1989 (5 episodes over 3 days)


Televised murder mystery weekend with five parts, where celebrities turned detective and viewers were invited to phone in and solve the murder themselves.


Those episode titles in full:

  1. Dream of Monks A-Coughing: A Funeral's in the Offing
  2. Dream of Gulls A-Screeching: Heed the Parson's Preaching
  3. Dream of Toms A-Snarling: A Quarrel With Your Darling
  4. Dream of Vipers Hissing: Your Favourite Dog's Gone Missing
  5. Dream of Yaks A-Mooing: Sign of Your Undoing

The TV Times said the episode titles were taken from a nursery rhyme, "The Perpetual Pessimist".


Detective David Delve
Charles Lainston Eric Allen
Henry Lainston John Hudson
Thomas Lainston Jason Salkey
Felicity Lainston Caroline John
Camilla Lainston Helen Fitzgerald
Steven Lainston Roy Spencer
Terence Mather Brian Hall
Judy Mather Janet Hargreaves
Sandy Hargreaves    Kate Napier Brown
Policeman Andrew Coombes
Policeman Brian Pulman


Devised and written by Joy Swift, based on her original "murder mystery weekend" concept which she launched in 1981. Swift's Murder Weekends company is still going strong today and she was awarded the MBE for services to tourism in 2001.

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