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Steve Race


Regular panellists: Denis Norden, Frank Muir, Ian Wallace, David Franklin (1967-73), Owen Brannigan (1973), John Amis (1974-94)

Scorer (TV version): Leonie Lawson


Radio: BBC Home Service / Radio 4, 3 January 1967 to 24 January 1995 (524 episodes)

TV: BBC2, 21 September 1977 to 11 September 1986 (106 episodes in 9 series + 3 specials)


My Word! had been running very successfully for ten years when this sister show was introduced. Four regular panellists (including Frank Muir and Denis Norden, the "stars" of My Word!) took part in the quiz, which as well as straightforward questions on music (tailored to each panellist's speciality - Muir usually got questions on the lives of composers, Norden questions on stage and screen musicals, and so on) included more unusual games such as identifying famous songs just from their rhythm or even songs played on a silent piano keyboard with no strings. (The latter game was famously regularly played on another musical quiz, Face the Music).

The most memorable part was usually the last round, in which the panellists each performed a song, particularly Muir's contributions, which were frequently obscure humorous music hall songs. They were always accompanied by host Steve Race on the piano.


John Amis was often asked to demonstrate his ability as a siffleur (whistler).


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