One Person Found This Helpful



Frank Skinner


Pozzitive Productions for BBC Radio 4, 19 February 2024 to present


According to the BBC:

This is the panel game based on what we all sit down and do at least once a day – shop online and leave a review, as an all-star panel celebrate the good, the bad & the baffling.
Everyone has an online life, and when the great British public put pen to keyboard to leave a review, they almost always write something hilarious. And our all-star panel have to work out just what they were reviewing – and maybe contribute a few reviews of their own... and more... So if you’re the person who went on Trip Advisor to review Ben Nevis as “Very steep and too high”, this show salutes you!

The game's played by two teams of two, everyone involved is active on the comedy circuit.

Rounds are: "What did I buy?" - after hearing some real reviews, try and guess the product being described.

"The reviewee bites back" asks the panel to imagine how a business owner might respond to some complaints on social media - and then Frank reads out the original response, which is often funnier than the comedians' efforts.

"Where on Earth are we?" gives real reviews of tourist attractions, and asks the panel to deduce their location. Scores are totted up, a winner is declared.

One Person Found This Helpful doesn't really know if it's a quiz with proper answers, or if it's an improvisation comedy show. The programme seems to want to ridicule the cult of online reviews, but is too darned nice to follow through with it. The result is a laboured programme, and not a particularly funny one.

It didn't help that One Person Found This Helpful was commissioned straight into the Monday 6.30 comedy spot, where we'd normally find Just a Minute and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and The Unbelievable Truth. Perhaps a lower-profile slot would have been helpful, while they perfect the format.


Devised by Jason Hazeley and Simon Evans with the producer David Tyler.

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