Pass the Buck (1)



George Layton


Thames in association with Action Time for ITV, 3 September 1986 to 1987


George Layton, best known as Dr Paul Collier in LWT's long-running Doctor sitcoms and as the writer of the BBC's Don't Wait Up, hosts this game exploiting the tensions of married couples.

The format was a simple one. Two married couples competed against each other. The questions had multiple correct answers, such as "Name the Seven Dwarves", "Name countries beginning with the letter I", or "Name 20th Century British Monarchs". For each round, either the husbands or wives were designated to bid on the number of answers (if we recall correctly, they were asked to bid on or 'Pass the Buck' to the other side). However - here's the twist - the husbands would bid for how many answers their wives could give and vice versa, and the spouses were not allowed to confer before bidding.

The high bid would have the first opportunity to answer. If an answering spouse failed to supplied the required number of answers, the opposing team could confer and steal the points for that question. The top prize was £1000.

Thanks to Mark Maxwell-Smith, the inventor, for filling us in on the format details.


Mark Maxwell-Smith and Geoff Edwards

Theme music

Ray Monk

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