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The much-misspelt Philippa Forrester started out at Birmingham University's in-house television station, and was first seen on national TV as a linkwoman on Children's BBC, providing holiday cover for Andi Peters. She was parachuted in to take the helm of Tomorrow's World after the failed relaunch in the mid-90s, and later presented the it's-not-really-the-god-slot-oh-wait-yes-it-is Sunday morning programme The Heaven and Earth Show. Latterly she's fronted a major advertising campaign about how we're all going to die in agony unless we spend lots of money in a certain high-street pharmacy chain... and a local programme on Meridian about forests.


Forrester has made several appearances on BBC wildlife programmes, some of them relating to looking after baby otters. These programmes have been made by her wildlife film-maker husband, Charlie Hamilton-James, who has also appeared on some of the programmes, as have their two sons, Fred and Gus. The family (which has now increased in size, as the couple have since had a third son, Arthur) were most recently seen on the superb BBC1 documentary series "Halcyon River Diaries" (narrated by Hugh Dennis), in which they were all observing, filming and helping to conserve various wildlife, including kingfishers, dippers, mallards, moorhens, otters and water voles.


Hilary Knight Management, Grange Farm, Church Lane, Old Northampton, NN6 9QZ

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