Eamonn Andrews


Tony Hart and Ivan Owen


BBC-tv, 21 September 1955 to 18 April 1963


Selection box of fun for kids, with Eamonn Andrews at the helm, Tony Hart providing the drawings and Ivan Owen heading up the games.

The audience could be part of the Playbox Detective Agency in the Six Clue Challenge, but it's the Inter-Regional Quiz Championships fronted by Eamonn that was where the main gaming action was at.

It seems the quiz was a general knowledge format for two teams of three kids sat behind traditional panel game-style desks, with pen and paper pads. Different cities played head-to-head. One round included a mystery object that had to be identified. A clip of this show included in the 1991 documentary What's My Quiz? shows the kids struggling to identify a mystery vegetable:

Team captain: Can we break it open?
Eamonn: You may do. You may even eat it if you want to.
Eamonn: I suppose you can't speak now...
Team captain: Could it be, er...
Eamonn: Now make your guess, for two points for this...
(more discussion)
Eamonn: Now I'll have to pin you down to a guess now...
(much more discussion)
Team captain: Well, Felicity thought it was a chive...
Eamonn: Nooo...
Team captain: ...but we don't think it's that, so could it be a lettuce that hasn't grown?
Eamonn: No, it's chicory.

Image:Playbox ivanowen eamonnandrews owenredd tonyhart.jpgThe Playbox crew - Ivan Owen, Eamonn Andrews, Owen Redd and Tony Hart - with teams


Produced by Cliff Michelmore.


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