Pocket Money Pitch



Steph McGovern


CBBC, 8 February to 11 April 2016 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Children come in with ideas for a business. The best will win advice from a famous mentor, and a year's supply of pocket money.

Each show has a theme, "food" or "fashion" or "technology". The mentor is a businessperson from this field.

Three pairs of businesses enter a "Head-to-Head" round. Each child gives a brief pitch to five "buddies", entrepreneurs in their teens and twenties. Based only on what they've heard, the "buddies" vote for their preferred pitch. The losing pitch is off the show. The winner picks from the "buddies" who voted for them.

The three head-to-head winners then discuss their products with their buddies, and try to work out what the mentor might ask.

Soon enough, each business presents its pitch to the mentor, someone who knows a lot about that area. Unlike the buddies, the mentor will ask difficult questions.

It's the show where they hid someone behind a metal wall rising from the floor.

Should a question be too difficult, the young businessperson has the chance to "pause my pitch". The buddy can come on and help answer the question. We viewers get a marvellous green-screen effect, a small wall surrounds the mentor.

The winner is named, and we see a teaser of what happened when the youngster spent a day with their mentor's company. The full story is told at the end of the series.

Pocket Money Pitch is brisk and efficient. Perhaps it's too brisk, not showing the effort that goes into the various businesses before they arrive.

Title music

Paul Whitehead, credited for "Music".


Graphics by 3sixtymedia and Deltatae

While the mentors changed each week, the buddies worked through the whole series. They were Amber Atherton, Emily Brooke, Bianca Miller, Emma-Jayne Parkes, Suleman Sacranie, Luke Thomas, Ben Towers.

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