Pot Luck



Charlie Chester


BBC-tv, 26 December 1951 to 19 March 1952

As part of The Charlie Chester Show, 1958-60?


An early audience participation show which holds the distinction of being the first series on British TV to give away prizes, albeit very small ones. A teapot would be passed around the studio audience while music played; whoever was holding it when the music stopped would then be invited up on stage to answer a few trivia questions, and would be rewarded with a token prize - those awarded in the early days included nylon tights, an electric iron, a lamp, and theatre tickets.

Revived as part of Chester's variety show a few years later, with the introduction of cash prizes of a few pounds, though by that time ITV had stolen a march on the BBC with a raft of popular game shows offering big cash prizes.

Theme music

Sung by Chester himself: "Take pot luck, take pot luck, keep it moving or you'll get stuck..."


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