Quiz Night



Richard Madeley (1988)

Ross King (1988-90)

Martin Roberts (1990-1)

Ted Robbins (1991-2)

Stuart Hall (1993-5)


Granada for ITV, 5 May 1988 to 11 December 1995

as Quiz Night Challenge: 25 April to 11 July 1989 (12 episodes in 1 series)


Two teams of men in cardies entering the swing doors of the set signified another edition of this pub quiz by numbers that was one of the more tolerable shows in ITV's very late night line-up. It toggled through the usual buzzer rounds, team rounds and spotlight rounds seen many times before.

The later series had Stuart Hall adding his usual personal touches of over-enthusiasm and mad, mad quotations and poetry. Probably the first quiz show to involve the host supping on his pint during the half time break. The set was quite neat, and even his desk had beer pumps on it.

Key moments

Stuart's poetry corner after the break.


Robert Wright writes: "The pilot series was hosted by Richard Madeley. At the time, he and Judy had just had one of their offspring and he was suffering from a distinct lack of sleep. But, just like the pro he is, you can't tell from his performance! Ted Robbins was the warm-up man. The series was won by the Blackpool Cricket Club team of David Hesp, Steve Brennan and myself, Robert Wright. The winners trophy was presented by Chris Quentin, who was resurrected especially for the show! The team also won the Quiz Night Champions Trophy series, hosted by Ross King. This was a series of challenge matches pitting us, the winners against all-comers. We remained unbeaten throughout the thirteen week run of the show, taking great pleasure in trouncing the Antrim Coasters (see Masterteam) who had beaten us by one point in the Masterteam semifinal of 1987."


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