Quiz with Hale



Lionel Hale


BBC-tv, 7 October? 1946 to 28 July? 1947 (at least 18 episodes in 1 series)


It's a quiz. And it's with Hale, Mr. L. Going by the rather sketchy Radio Times billings, it seems to have had a "play along at home" vibe. And once the evenings got lighter, some of the later editions were done on location. Apart from that, your guess is as good as ours. But look, PICTURES!

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But we do know this aired fortnightly.


We're going to need a bigger studio.
Lionel Hale with a 1911 seaplane used by Bleriot and two wax figures from Madame Tussauds (of Louis Bleriot and Frederick Cody). The photo might not have been taken during the actual show, but it was broadcast (presumably live) at 9pm in July and those are long shadows, so just maybe...


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