Rescue Robots

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Anna Williamson


Announcer/commentator: Eddie Matthews


Mentorn for ITV1, 25 July to 5 September 2003 (7 episodes in 1 series + 8 unaired)


A team of friends try to rescue stranded people in a computer game-style show, using robots that would look completely out of place in Robot Wars.

They have to complete a number of challenges in a certain amount of time, carefully designed to go right down to the wire. Large-scale sets in the Thunderbirds mould are used to give a reasonably realistic filmic effect, and three vehicles are controlled by different team members. The kids must work co-operatively to complete the multiple-part objective using microphone headsets to talk to each other. As a result, the games were quite long and as such a trifle boring at times. However, the eye candy of Anna Williamson playing up her officious role to the hilt perks things up.

This was pulled from the schedules midway through its run and didn't get re-commissioned because ITV's kids department started to implode around this time.


Based on a concept by Adam Clark.

Theme music

Big Hair Productions

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Watch the entire series (including the unaired episodes) on streaming service Mech+.


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