Revenge of the Egghead



Jeremy Vine


CJ de Mooi (resident contestant)


12 Yard for BBC Two, 24 February to 5 April 2014 (30 episodes in 1 series)


Five contestants attempt to win thousands of pounds by taking on infamous Egghead CJ de Mooi. Prior to this series, he had been away from Eggheads for about a year.

The bulk of the game is taken up by the cash accumulation round. Individually, the contestants are asked general knowledge questions by host Jeremy Vine. A correct answer earns £200 for the team's pot; an error allows CJ to buzz in and show off his knowledge.

When the resident genius can provide the right answer, he subjects the player to further questioning. Before the show, CJ wrote some questions: he selects a question he hopes the contender won't know, even with the help of four possible answers. Should the contestant fail to pick the right choice, they lose one of two lives: lose both lives and they're out of the game.

About ten minutes from the end, the show moves into the final game. CJ faces ten questions, and the team is to pool their brains and score more right answers than the Egghead before they lose whatever lives they had left. With a life deducted for each wrong answer, this is a bit of an ask.

CJ de Mooi (right) and his buzzer.

Viewer reaction tended to the negative: Alan Sugar (from The Apprentice) said that he preferred the original. commentators at Bother's Bar found it "bland" and "not as well done as The Chase". The Fifty 50 Show couldn't stretch discussion for more than ten minutes.

The show did achieve its goal, by re-introducing CJ de Mooi as an Egghead, and reminding us of his role on Eggheads.

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