Steve-O, Jordan Banjo, Maya Jama


Commentators: CK Flash and Tim Warwood

"Voice of Revolution": Zora Suleman


Znak & Co and Motion Content Group for Sky One, 1 April to 20 May 2018 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Skateboarders, BMXers, and inline skaters face off in a showcase of excellence.

For most of the show, these three discplines are kept separate. The programme begins with "The Cull", a straight-up race to weed the field down to four. Then comes "The Reactor", a technical test of skills, intercut with brief a profile of each competitor.

Contenders, ready!

"The Vortex" forms three groups of a skater, boarder, and BMXer, and asks each to hit as many targets as they can. "The Rampage" is a high jump to find each discipline's winner. Finally, the BMX, inline skate, and skateboard champions race off in "The Reckoning".

All the losers throughout the show will come back next week, only the winner leaves. After the first week had a huge crowd of people we didn't know, the second week had people we remember from last week, and by the middle of the series we could root for (or against) certain people.

Recorded at Cardington Studios, Revolution was a massive construction. The Cull took place on a professional-length track, looping around the old aircraft hangar. The Vortex took place in a triangular bowl, the largest and deepest in Europe.

The Vortex in action.

Viewer reaction was muted, because there were hardly any viewers, which is a shame. This show had attitude and felt authentic. Perhaps Sky's pay-tv channel was the wrong choice for it.


Alex Dechuna (skateboarder)

Title music

Born Ready by Zayde Wølf


Not to be confused with Revolution, a world-after-electricity drama that went out on Sky 1 during 2012-14.

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