School of Hard Sums



Dara Ó Briain


Marcus du Sautoy


Fujisankei Productions and Wild Rover for Dave, 16 April 2012 to 22 April 2014 (24 episodes in 3 series)


Dara Ó Briain, himself a mathematics graduate, challenges a comedian to solve mathematical problems. Dara will try to do it from theory, the comedian by experimenting with real objects. Resident boffin Marcus du Sautoy sets the puzzles, and determines the winner.

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Based on the Japanese format Comaneci University Mathematics. The original show was a vehicle for "Beat" Takeshi Kitano (of Takeshi's Castle fame).

Theme music

Marc Sylvan


The original unaired pilot was titled Dara Ó Briain's University of Practical Mathematics.

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File:Universityofpracticalmathematics pilotlogo.jpgLogo from the unaired pilot

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