Scotland's Best Dog



Allan Stewart (voiceover)


Judges: Kaye Adams, River McDonald, Alan Grant


Red Sky Productions for BBC Scotland, 18 November to 23 December 2021 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Dogs are tested on "recall, bond and agility skills". Five heats and a final.

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Poppy, a cocker spaniel from Inverurie and her human sidekick Hannah Miley. Yes: that Hannah Miley, the swimmer and two-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist.


While it's not unusual for series on the BBC Scotland channel to have multiple repeat runs over a relatively short timescale, Scotland's Best Dog gained an extra, unplanned full-series repeat in the week following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, evidently being deemed a suitably safe replacement for anything considered potentially insensitive during the mourning period (or simply cancelled that week, such as football highlights). It was paired with another emergency replacement, Loggerheads.

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