Scrapyard Supercar



Ralph Hosier


Shane Lynch


Workerbee (part of Endemol Shine Group) for UKTV, shown on Dave, 4 August to 22 September 2019 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Two teams of amateur petrolheads have four days to build a car - from scrap - and beat professional driver Shane Lynch.

The show begins with Shane demonstrating his driving skills, before we spend four days with the teams, building their motors out of scavenged parts and technical ingenuity. Of course, the scrapheap will "just happen" to contain the exact parts they need - if only the teams can find them...

Ralph Hosier is the host and narrator. He explains what the teams want to do in accessible language, and he asks them pointed questions to help us understand the technical processes. The show ends with the two cars being put to the test, a spectacular finish is guaranteed.

Viewers of a certain vintage will remember Scrapheap Challenge, and this is basically the various "cars" episodes, with Robert Llewellyn replaced by Shane Lynch From Boyzone. The similarities stretched to the broadcast, episodes were first shown at 6pm on Sunday teatime.


Distributed internationally by National Geographic.

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