Secret Dealers



Kate Bliss (2010-1)

OJ Borg (2012)
Zaraah Abrahams (2013-5)


Secret Dealers: Karen Dalmeny, Simon Schneider, David Ford, James Layte, Stuart Hofgartner, David Hakeney, David Tupman, Alison Chapman, Brenda Haller, Mike Melody, and Tim Hogarth


RDF Television West for ITV1, 27 September 2010 to 2 January 2015 (130 episodes in 5 series)


Two families allow three competing antiques dealers looking for items to sell to visit their homes while they are out, in order for the dealers to value their possessions. When they return, they can either accept or reject the offers made by the dealers, forcing them to choose between sentimental attachment or making some money.

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Theme music

The original bright 'n' breezy theme was by Dawson Sabatini, later replaced with a dramatic orchestral number by Paul Farrer.

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