See Hear on Saturday Quiz



Lara Crooks


BBC Two, 1999 to 2001


Obligatory context paragraph: See Hear is a magazine programme for deaf people and, although the programme normally contains news, reports and lifestyle stories, recently it has been taking more of an entertainment angle for some of its programmes.

Hence, this show is important because it is the first ever televised quiz (at least semi-regular in frequency) aimed at deaf people. However, we know that there are plenty of hearing people out there who are also fans of Lara Crooks. We know where you live, and there's no need to be ashamed.

Generally speaking, this is just a quiz-by-numbers with observation rounds, general knowledge rounds, quick-fire tests, Pyramid Game style "describe this person as quickly as possible so team mate can guess it" things and some non-quizzy rounds such as a memory test and short IQ puzzles.

The scoring system is a bit erratic but it does offer something to people that other shows don't and what's more it's not scheduled that late at night (apart from the repeat which, erm, is).

Speaking from a non-deaf person's perspective, we do have to laugh a little bit at the broad stereotyped accents given to the voiceovers for the players, though...


All three series: Jewish Deaf Association.


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