Smart TV



Rob Beckett


Team captains: Josh Widdicombe and Alison Hammond


Talkback for Sky Max, 29 February 2024 to present


According to the press office,

Two teams of celebrities compete in chaotic, trivia-infused rounds to find out who knows the most about TV.

It's basically a reinvention of Talkback's own Never Mind the Buzzcocks but based on television rather than pop music.

The quiz is an excuse to make jokes and share anecdotes, so expect lots of discussion and not too many questions, and nobody truly cares about the points. The only regular quiz element is the first, "Roll the Titles", one show's credits to another's theme tune.

Like Never Mind the Buzzcocks, this show stands and falls on the strength of its guests: when we get a funny group, and they're given interesting things to talk about, Smart TV is very entertaining. When they're not, the show really suffers.


Devised by Kate Edmunds, according to the credits.

Title Music

A-Mnemonic, credited for "music".


The show's title in the non-broadcast pilot was On Demand.

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