Tich McCooey


Grampian TV (also broadcast on Scottish), 18 May to 9 November 1999 (26 episodes in 1 series)


General knowledge team quiz with a top prize of £1000.

Three pairs of contestants play. A question is read with three choices, and all six players lock in their answers secretly. If a pair of players is correct, they've got "Snap!" and earn 20 points. If both in a pair are wrong, they score nothing. However, the fun bit is when only one player is incorrect, as their team gets an additional five seconds to choose another answer. A Snap! here is worth 15 points. The catch is, the team only knows that one selection is wrong, they just don't know whose. Sometimes, the player who was correct before switches to a wrong answer while their partner moves to the correct one, sparking the inevitable "Oh I should have" head shakes from the contestants.

Somewhat out of character from the rest of the show, any question on which a team gets a Snap! (listen, let's just drop the exclamation point from here on in, a'ight?) is accompanied by two follow-up questions on the buzzer for ten points (or five if one team has already answered incorrectly). These follow-ups are available to everyone, not just those that earned the Snaps, and conferring is allowed, so it doesn't quite fit in with the show's main gimmick.

After a few questions, the lowest-scoring team is awarded the Snap prize pack (a couple of show logo jackets and other whatnots) and sent home. The scores are wiped, and the remaining teams play Super Snap. This is just like the last round, except only the number of Snaps is announced after each question. Both teams can change their answers if they think they're off, but they risk blowing the points they could have earned if they were already correct. The follow-up questions are still used here. A few more questions of this, another last-place team is sent home with a prize pack, and the winners get to play Speed Snap. Which, as the name implies, is speedy. It's basically a race to get five Snaps (in one or two tries) in a minute, without the follow-up questions. Success earns the pair a thousand pounds, failure earns - get this - a Snap prize pack!


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