So Wrong It's Right



Charlie Brooker


Zeppotron for BBC Radio 4, 11 May 2010 to 20 June 2012 (17 episodes in 3 series)


Charlie Brooker used to write the TV listings parody TV Go Home. Well now he's on Radio 4 it's a case of Radio Come Back as he oversees this comedy panel show. Each week, three guests are asked to come up with the worst answers to different questions.

The first round is Wrong Time, Wrong Place where the panellists have to describe an anecdote or incident from their past lives (or, if they're Psychic Sally, their future lives) and each week the situation or theme is slightly different. Brooker awards the round to the person who came up with the most wrong (morally or socially) answer.

After that, the format freewheels for quite some time with random topics brought up for the panellists to riff off. Past questions include ideas for the worst new reality show, or the worst thing the panellists have done to impress someone.

At the end, there's the inevitable quickfire round which, like the final round of its Zeppotron stablemate Would I Lie to You?, isn't really all that quick. They'd probably have been better off trotting at "let's squeeze another round in" pace they used to do on Call My Bluff.

Brooker always has something of interest to say, but this kind of thing has been done before quite recently (ah, how soon we forget Best of the Worst). The lack of virtually any format, much like Brooker's You Have Been Watching, is both a virtue and a curse - it allows the editor to keep all the funny bits in, but the concept is so wafer-thin it's rather unsubstantial. Like a wafer-thin mint. But as a radio programme, not a mint. We'll shut up now.

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