Split Second (2)



Aonghus McAnally


Action Time for Challenge TV, 1 September to ? 1997



(A play with two Acts)

Act 1

[Picture the scene, an Action Time board meeting]

Random Gameshow deviser No.1: "Now Scattegories, there was a good board game. You get a subject and a letter and you try and find words that fit with the subject that begin with that letter."

RGD2: "Yes, it is good. Let's make a televisual version of it!"

[A few days later]

RGD1: "I think we need to drop the letter aspect of it though. We need a new slant."

RGD2: "Well Every Second Counts was popular, how about the aspect of time?"

RGD1: "Yes, we could create rounds which involved gambling points and money on their ability to keep time. If they didn't stop the clock in time they could lose everything they've won. And what's more we could make the clock disappear to add that little bit extra to it."

RGD2: "What an excellent idea! Let's go and see the boss."

Host, Aonghus McAnally in the classic "question master with cards" pose

Act 2

Action Time Boss: "Excellent work chaps, but I feel there's something missing. It lacks a little oomph. The basic idea is nice though."

(RGD1 and RGD2 think for a bit)

RGD1: "I'VE GOT IT! How about making the final round so that all the other rounds might as well be thrown away?"

ATB: "Brilliant! We've never done anything like THAT before! The public will love it! I'm gonna commission a pilot."

RGD2: "Great! I'm going down the pub."


The moral of the story? Don't ruin game shows that have nice ideas.

The Split Second end game.


Devised by Andrew O'Connor.


Apparently this was originally supposed to air on Channel 5 but never broadcast, so Challenge TV picked it up and it was shown on there for about a year. Surprisingly, the series was repeated the following year on ITV, but only in the Anglia region.


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