Sport Relief's Top Dog



Gaby Roslin


Matt Williams (commentator)


BBC Events Productions London for BBC Two, 3 to 21 March 2014 (15 episodes in 1 series)


Three celebrity owners and their dogs go head-to-head in fun challenges, culminating in "The Bark Off", an obstacle course.

Regular challenges included one where the owners would throw something into a pool, the dog swims to it and brings it back. There was something sporty, such as bringing back the ball from a coconut shy, and something testing control, like asking the dog to sit and stay on a particular point.

Played in teams of three with a celebrity captain, the show led up to The Bark Off. It was a standard dog agility course - hurdles, plastic tunnel, that weaving thing. The course was themed as a tour of the UK.

The humans were described first on this show, and the team captain received most namechecks.


"Team Gail" - Gail Emms and Raffa, Ian and his dog Maisy, Geoff and Buzz

Title music

Burt Bros.


A tie-in with the Sport Relief charity.

Filmed at Maidstone Studios.

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