Redd Pepper (voiceover)


Possessed for ITV, 20 August 2016


Two couples are given tasks to complete. The object: don't get dirty.

Each task involves paint, which will fire out of cans, or be in balloons that burst, or be fired by the other side.

Third time lucky to catch this balloon.

After the challenge has been completed, a high-tech scanner measures how much paint was on the suit. This is converted to a "spotless percentage", how much of the suit was clean.

The challenges on the pilot were:

  • Flying Colours - throw those paint-filled balloons over a wall, to catch five. Score: average of the two players.
  • The Bodyguard - one player is tied to the spot, the other must intercept paint fired from cans in a sequence. Only the tied-down player counts.
  • Face Off - rock-paper-scissors to determine a winner, who is then able to fire a paint gun at the loser. Both players count.
  • The winners play The Gauntlet, four obstacles designed to get different parts of the suit messy. Their spotless percentage is converted into cash, at 1% clean = £100.

Players did most of the narration - either as in-game sound, or post-event narration. Redd Pepper's voice introduced the show and gave detail of each challenge.

An interesting idea, perhaps in need of more development.


A Possessed format, devised by Simon Crossley

Title Music

Audio Freaks. The bulk of the show was cut to pop music.


Went out at 7.15 on the last Saturday before The X Factor.

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