Squid Game: The Challenge



no host, no voiceover


Studio Lambert and The Garden for Netflix, 22 November 2023 to present


456 actual real life ordinary contestants take part in challenges just like in the TV show Squid Game to win the biggest cash prize ever of $4,560,000 (£3,730,000). Actually not entirely like Squid Game, as eliminated players do not get killed. Well I ask you, it's health and safety gone mad.

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2023: Mai Whelan


Based on the hugely popular South Korean drama Squid Game on Netflix.


The show is a joint production between the UK production companies Studio Lambert from All3Media and The Garden from ITV Studios and the US's subscription streaming service Netflix.

First series episodes were released on Netflix each week on a Wednesday with the first five released on the first week, the next four on the second week and the finale on the final week.

Voted No. 1 in the Streaming Five for this site's Poll of 2023

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