Star Games



Michael Aspel and Jenny Hanley


Pam Rhodes (1980)

Commentators: David Wilkie (1978), Gerald Sinstadt and Alan Pascoe

Team captains: Magnus Pyke and Alfred Marks


Thames in association with TWI for ITV, 12 September 1978 to 26 December 1980


A bunch of non-sporty celebs take part in various sporting events such as swimming, rowing, running, target golf, five-a-side football, a tug of war and the obstacle course at that mecca of sporting excellence, Harrow Leisure Centre (who needs the Olympics?). From the sound of it, probably a cash-in on Beeb's more popular Superstars, and something of a forerunner to The Games. Or Blue Peter Champions.

Celebs involved included Patrick Mower, Bonnie Langford, Tony Blackburn, Robin Askwith, Brough Scott, William Woollard, Tommy Boyd, Bill Oddie, Liza Goddard and, choke, ITN newspuppet Sandy Gall. They were all in teams such as TV Situation Comedy, The Theatre, TV Cops, and Presenters.


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